Program of classes 2018
Free Form Artists, training workshop in Montreux




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This program is your key to a successful gem and jewelry career.
Find out how you can become recognized as a qualified professional in a colorful and exiting world.
This program is very intense and you may add one or two weeks of benchtime to complete your training. A WLAN access point is available free of charge for our students.
Educational projects for advanced jewellers.
March 2018 May 2018 August 2018
Jewelry CHF 720.-€ 627.- 5 - 6 - 7 March 2 - 3 - 4 May 12 - 14 - 15 August
Stone setting CHF 490.-€ 427.- 8 - 9 March 7 - 8 May 16 - 17 August
Wax modelling CHF 250.-€ 218.- 12 March 9 May 20 August
Casting techniquesCHF 490.-€ 427.- 13 - 14 March 10 - 11 May 21 - 22 August
Gemmology CHF 530.-€ 462.- 19 - 20 March 15 - 16 May 27 - 28 August
Jewelry design CHF 200.-€ 174.- 16 March 14 May 24 August
Free Form CHF 300.-€ 261.- 21 March 17 May 29 August
Faceting CHF 380.-€ 331.- 22 March complete
27 March
18 May 30 August
Concave facetingCHF 200.-€ 174.- 26 March 21 May 1 September
Enameling CHF 520.-€ 453.- * * *
Chain knitting CHF 520.-€ 453.- * * *
* Class dates "à la carte". A minimum of 3 students is required.
Total 5th - 27th March 2018
CHF 3'560.-
€ 3'101.-
2nd - 21st May 2018
CHF 3'560.-
€ 3'101.-
13th August - 1st September 2018
CHF 3'560.-
€ 3'101.-

Gemstone Safari in Tanzania during 17 days.
Visit the Umba valley and dig for rubies and sapphires, emeralds in Manyara, sunstone and spinel in Morogoro. Optional - learn how to cut the gems you have found in a 3 day Lapidary class.

We look forward welcoming you as a new student and
watching your career, and life, develop to full potential.
"Your inspiration remains with me" by Simon Zaletel

Lodging in Montreux

Foreign nationals need valid travel documents, recognised by Swiss authorities, to visit Switzerland. In certain cases, a visa is also required.

The classes are intense and available as independent modules. Choose the themes you desire or follow the complete program. The classes are limited from 3 - 6 students depending the theme.

Main objective of all classes is the technical background, the correct manipulation of the tools and the security in the workshop. The intense training is supposed to allow you to express yourself artistically with the new acquired knowledge and allows living up to the high expectances of professional workmanship. Experience and creativity can't be taught, but their importance is acknowledged and will be stimulated especially.

The 3 week long cycle is a very intense initiation. To accumulate experience will be your homework.

It is possible to rent Benchtime and accede to the fully equipped atelier or to train the newly acquired skills in an other jewelry workshop.

The group of FREE FORM ARTISTS is strongly engaged in adult education and their member's work as independent artists in the lapidary and jewelry field. Both professions interact positively.

Since 1993, the two initiators Katerina Kestemont and Hubert Heldner built a complete program of classes. Today Hubert Heldner teaches 10 different themes, in 3 cycles per year, each cycle lasting 3 weeks. The classes are offered in 3 languages and all class documentations are available in English, German and French.


We were selected amongst the 100 best adresses for creative classes in europe. Publication by the journal COUNTRY in Hamburg. Edition 2/2000 fall-winter

Katerina Kestemont received a honorable mention in 1996 at the international contest of the INNUNG DER EDELSTEIN GRAVEURE of Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Hubert Heldner is one of the three winners of the first " Swiss Jewelry Design Contest " in September 2002 by the edition TRES OR and is in the possession of a certificat of capacity as a jeweller of the Swiss Confederation in 1985 / Curriculum Vitae

Hubert Heldner signs responsible for the sucessful installation of a lapidary training workshop in Tanzania, at the Southern and Eastern African Mineral Centre (SEAMIC) headquarters in Dar-es-Salaam. November 2005. Including the training of 5 lapidary instructors. The center has been renamed to African Minerals and Geosciences Centre (AMGC) in 2015.

Organization of several Gemstone Safari's in Tanzania in collaboration with Mr. Nakara Steven Matemu a geologist, cristallograph, mineralogist and gemmologist, since September 2007 until today.

One month assignment to design a new jewelry collection for Kirmena Gold in Cairo Egypt, June 2008.

Technical assistance for the lapidary and jewelry training workshop of Miss Noreen Masaki Lapidary Training Centre - Dar-es-Salaam since September 2012.

Hubert Heldner signs responsible for the sucessful installation of a lapidary training workshop in Tanzania, at Shinyanga Vocational Training Center (VETA) November 2015. In house training in Shinyanga, was provided by Mrs Noreen Maskai director of the Lapidary training Centre. Two instructors have completed the training with sucess in February 2017. The first class in gemstone cutting and gemology began in March 2017.