The Ultra Tec faceting machine




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Comes with variable speed drive, in 220v, transfer fixture, table adapter, set of 12 dops,
drip tank, 96 tooth index gear, set of wrenches, owners manual.
Designed for laps with Ø 20 cm (8").

Ultra Tec faceting machine 220-240Volt V5A Analog
US $4'490.-
Ultra Tec faceting machine 220-240Volt V5D Digital with digital angle dial
US $4'950.-
Scoring toolUS $92.-
  260 lapUS $210.-
  600 lapUS $190.-
1200 lapUS $206.-
Tin polishing lap for all gemstones except diamond and corundum.US $343.-
30 Dops all sizesUS $260.-
1 Lap Rack with trayUS $54.-
Alumina oxid 0.3my for all gemstones except diamond and corundum.US $42.-
Alcohol lampUS $16.-
DopwaxUS $16.-
TOTAL basic equipmentUS $5'919.-6'379.-
Optional ceramic lap with diamond spray for polishing Ruby / Sapphire / ChrysoberylUS $389.-
Optional black resin bond polishing lap diamond coated for Ruby and SapphireUS $550.-
Optional index gears 80/72/64US $205.-
These prices are for pick up in Santa Ana California USA
Please add the shipping costs to your final destination.

V5D with digital angle dial
V5A Ultra-Tec faceting machine
with analog angle dial
V5D Ultra-Tec faceting machine
with digital angle dial a redesigned driptank and new mast with a fast lead screw. Recomended for use with the concave and fantasy machine.

The Ultra Tec fantasy machine

The ultimate in faceting technology. Realize facet designs where only imagination is the limit.
Please note that the machine below is delivered without mast.
You will transfer it from your standard Ultra-Tec faceting machine,
with the stone in place, pre faceted and polished.
Only then you add the concave facets.

The ultimate in faceting technology The ultimate in faceting technology
Ultra Tec fantasy faceting machine 110 - 220Volt US $   3'980.-

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Meet Joe Rubin the president of Ultra-Tec and benefit from his huge experience.
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