Lapidary training facilities installation

After the setup of the machines, the following training program has been passed sucessfully by all 6 students.

Practical lapidary training
during 3 weeks in all lapidary techniques: faceting, cabochon technique, free-form cutting and artwork in gemstones. Followed by one week of theory with the following topics:

  • Identification of rough stones. Using the dicroscope and polariscope to identify the cristallographic systems.
  • Grading of rough stones. Color saturation and inclusions.
  • Optical properties. Reflection, refraction, critical angles.
  • Precision cutting. Faceting diagrams, how to read and apply the appropriate angles.
  • Polishing compounds and procedures. Chemical reactions, fusibillity and hardness.
  • Jewelry design techniques.
  • Jewelry manufacture techniques in theory.
  • Technique of setting gemstones in theory. Durability and sensitivity of gemstones to take into account.
  • Price calculation.
  • Selling techiques.
  • Presentation and conference techniques.

Photos from this intence training programm in Lapidary techniques. Lapidary training November 2005.

Certification as lapidary instructor
This additional training to obtain certification as lapidary instructors has been passed sucessfully by all 5 students.

  • At least 1 to 3 months of intence practice in gemstone cutting is required.
  • The student must be able to present all theoretical topics in a professional way and be at ease with conference techniques.
  • A related topic must be treated in detail and presented in written.
  • Organisation of the first lapidary class.
  • I will prepare the future instructors during 1 week on how to teach classes.
  • During their first class the aspiring instructors are monitored and coached.
  • After sucessful completion a certificate as lapidary instructor will be awarded.

Photos from the first lapidary class, leading to the certification of 5 instructors. Lapidary instructors training January 2006.

Lilian on the cabbing machine

Noreen at the faceting machine

Linda on the cabbing machine

Noreen is instructing her fellow students

Aquamrine in the brilliant cut

Beautiful cats eye opals from Tanzania

On request we offer our services for the installation of an educational center in lapidary arts. This includes the training of up to 6 gemstone cutters, leading to the certification as lapidary instructors. Also a complet workshop with the necessary machines will be installed.

For more information, a quality guarantee or references please contact:
M. Hubert Heldner Free Form Artists in Montreux, Switzerland.

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